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FRP Membrane pressure vessels “SeaWell”

  • Outstanding characters of SeaWell Membrane pressure vessels: -
  • Adopt improved material to improve the anti-wearable property.
  • Adopt unique processing technique to make the inside of the products smoother.
  • Multi-ports are available according to customer’s requirements for the easy installation.
  • SeaWell series adopt up scale automobile baking varnish craft to ensure the smoothness and brightness of the products.
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation property.
  • End plate adopt aenal processing technique, efficiently improving the intensity and capacity to resist deformation.
  • Seal kit adopt special structure and technique, efficiently enhancing the leak tightness.
  • End plate is made of aluminum alloy to enhance the intensity and improve the feature of resist deformation.
  • Seal kit adopt environmental material to assure the leak tightness and high-water quality meanwhile to improve its anti-aging capacity.
  • Feed/Concentrate port adopt 316L stainless steel with high quality to assure outstanding corrosion resisting property and convenient maintenance.
  • Quality assurance: -
  • Burst test with 6 times of its design pressure.
  • 100,000 times fatigue test at maximum operating temperature.
  • 100% qualified products tested by 1.2 times hydraulic pressure of design pressure.
  • Explanation of codes of SeaWell membrane pressure vessels: -