FAST for Trading & Contracting

Regardless of your industry, clean water is the most indispensable part for generations forming, scarce of clean water resources can limit both production capacity and profits.

FAST for Trading & Contracting as the main (Water Management Solutions) company specialized in solving critical water recovery, water treatment, and water recycling challenges for major industries in the region.

Water Treatment Systems:

  • Desalination Systems.
  • Purification Systems.
  • Disinfection Systems.
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems.


  1. Design and installation service. Under conditions of (Quantity – Specifications of raw/requiredwater – Purpose).
  2. Economic Service. Prepare a (Feasibility study for proposed system).
  3. Supply service. Provide a (Spare parts inside/outside Egypt).
  4. Maintenance Service. Ready with (Technical support team – Periodic visits – Emergency call).
  5. Scientific Services. Offer a (Solutions – Recommendation – Analysis).


  • Distribution all over Middle East and Africa.

Industries: Municipal – Agriculture – Industrial – Energy – Environmental – Mining – Livestock production – Medicine – Marine.