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Bituminous Activated Carbon ” Active Carbon “

  • Active Carbon hashigh-efficiency granular activated carbon are used for beverage, drinking water, tap water treatment and taste removal.
  • Active Carbonhas strong micro-adsorption capacity of odorous organic matter, residual chlorine, dissolved organic matter, etc.
  • The production of efficient fine-washed bituminous coal and high-quality binder, after strict carbonization, activation, and post-activation treatment, can be experienced for a long-time backwashing, abrasion of air and hydraulic wash.
  • Active Carbon has a large specific surface area, its internal pores can effectively absorb a variety of macromolecular or small molecules of organic pollutants, effectively improving the taste, smell and safety of water.
  • Active Carbonis produced with:
  1. the national clean water coal granular activated carbon standard GB / T77012 -2008.
  2. The United State AWWA granular activated carbon standard B604-96.
  3. ANSI / NSF standard 61.
  4. Quality management passed ISO9001.
  • Active Carbon can be used for the treatment of underground/surface water sources in drinking water, completely replacing sand filter and anthracite media, both the filtering function and the absorption function.
  • Active Carbon can also be used in the beverage industry for further treatment of water, removing residual chlorine and further improving the smell and taste of the water.

Coconut Activated Carbon ” Java Carbon “

  • Coconut shell based activated carbon has the characteristic on their massive internal surface areas along with relatively high hardness and low dust.
  • It makes theses carbons highly suitable for water & air treatment applications and also other valuable applications.
  • Why Java Carbon?
  1. 100% Pure coconut shell.
  2. 100% Virgin " Non-recycle".
  3. 100% Steam activated "No chemical".
  4. Super clean carbon.
  5. High Iodine Number"1000 mg/g minimum – ASTM".
  6. High methylene blue " 150 mg/g minimum – JIS".
  7. High CTC "50% minimum – ASTM".
  8. Low Fe⁺ content "100 ppm maximum – ASTM".


  • Advantages and Features: -
  1. Energy-saving and Eco-friendliness
The pump realizes the output capacity the same as that of similar products by lower power and smaller volume to cut cost, save energy and protect the environment.
  1. Excellent Compact Structure
Valve seat, made of PTFE material, has better overall tolerance of liquid contact part, not only guarantees the leakproofness but also protects the rubber ring valve seat against expansion and corrosion after longtime use, or the tightness would decrease and inaccurate dosing may be caused.
  1. Ultra-low Maintenance Cost
Diaphragm is made of full pure PTFE, with super excellent tolerance and long service life, which will sharply cut the maintenance cost of product. Moreover, we provide five-year lifetime warranty for the diaphragm of dosing pump.
  1. Idling to be Allowed
With improved full pure PTFE diaphragm, the dosing pump can still work safely without damage upon diaphragm after quite a long time once the chemical liquid in dosing barrel is used out, and without timely feed or any mis operation occurs.
  1. Simplify Operation
Simple and visual digital display mode and clear parameter setting save time and cut cost, and guarantee the perfect connection of control process.
  1. Convenient to Manage Stocking
Uniform valve group, made up of universal size one-way valves, reduces the confusion among parts and components. 
  • Functional Characteristics: -
  • Quick and simplified manual operation mode.
  • Buttons are used to control start and stop of the pump and set the stroke frequency (spm), sitting range of stroke frequency is from 1(spm) to the maximum frequency value, whenever the pump is running or stops, the flow can be adjusted.
  • Flow range is 1-55L/h, maximum pressure is 20Bar.
  • Five flow stages are optional that is more accurate and controllable.
  • Current working frequency is digitally displayed.
  • NX, GX and X are equipped with a liquid level switch interface.

FRP Membrane pressure vessels “SeaWell”

  • Outstanding characters of SeaWell Membrane pressure vessels: -
  • Adopt improved material to improve the anti-wearable property.
  • Adopt unique processing technique to make the inside of the products smoother.
  • Multi-ports are available according to customer’s requirements for the easy installation.
  • SeaWell series adopt up scale automobile baking varnish craft to ensure the smoothness and brightness of the products.
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation property.
  • End plate adopt aenal processing technique, efficiently improving the intensity and capacity to resist deformation.
  • Seal kit adopt special structure and technique, efficiently enhancing the leak tightness.
  • End plate is made of aluminum alloy to enhance the intensity and improve the feature of resist deformation.
  • Seal kit adopt environmental material to assure the leak tightness and high-water quality meanwhile to improve its anti-aging capacity.
  • Feed/Concentrate port adopt 316L stainless steel with high quality to assure outstanding corrosion resisting property and convenient maintenance.
  • Quality assurance: -
  • Burst test with 6 times of its design pressure.
  • 100,000 times fatigue test at maximum operating temperature.
  • 100% qualified products tested by 1.2 times hydraulic pressure of design pressure.
  • Explanation of codes of SeaWell membrane pressure vessels: -

FRP Membrane pressure vessels “STRONG”

  • STRONG FRP Pressure Vesselsare produced withhigh technology and designation to provide the most suitable products, the best quality, the lowest price to our customers. 
  • Why new STRONG FRP Pressure Vessels?
  1. Fatigue test: 100,000 cycles.
  2. Burst test: 4 times of its design pressure.
  3. Limited warranty: 12 months.
  4. 100% qualified products tested by 1.2 times hydraulic pressure of design pressure.


  • New STRONG FRP PressureTanks are produced withhigh technology and designation to provide the most suitable products, the best quality, the lowest price to our customers.
  • Why new STRONGPressure Tanks?
  1. NSF/ANSI Standard 44 certificated.
  2. Fatigue test: 100,000 cycles.
  3. Burst test: 4 times of operating pressure.
  4. Operating pressure: 10.5 bar (150 psi).
  5. Operating temperature range: 1-50 ̊C (34-122 ̊F).
  6. Limited warranty: 12 months.
  • Installation Dimension Drawing: -

Motor Diaphragm Metering Pumps ” NEWDOSE – MOTOR-X”

  • Advantages and Features: -
  1. Low-Noise Design
The MOTOR-X uses a low-noise design: with a monolithic structure. It is only 65.0 decibels at full load, therefore it can be used in applications such as laboratories where low noise is required.
  1. Waterproof
Waterproof test – IP65: In order to meet the more demanding service environment, the MOTOR-X adopts the IP65 waterproof grade standard design, and has excellent performance in waterproof and dust-proof.
  1. Low Pulse Design
MOTOR-X adopts a low pulsation design,lower outlet flow rate, lower shear sensitivity of liquid, therefore it is suitable for high viscosity in fluid delivery.
  1. Consistency of Flow Rate
Use of the brand-new generation of MOTOR-X can always maintain the consistency of flow rate: MOTOR-X can satisfy users’ high demand for flow rate stability. Because of its innovation design and working principle, the consistency of single stroke flow rate is guaranteed under different outlet pressures.
  1. Flexible Installation Design
Enable MOTOR-X to be installed either horizontally or vertically.

RO Membrane “GETEC”

  • GETECStandard Brackish Waterreverse osmosis membrane elements provide consistent, high performance in light industrial applications.
  • GETEC Standard Brackish Waterthin-film reverse osmosis membrane elements are characterized by high flux and high sodium chloride rejection.
  • GETEC Standard Brackish Waterelements are selected when high rejection and operating pressures as low as 200 psi (1,379 kPa) are desired.
  • GETEC Standard Brackish Waterelements allow moderate energy savings, and are considered a standard in the industry.
  • GETEC Standard Brackish Waterinside sheet made in USA.

RO Membrane “LC”

  • Brackish water membranes for RO systems: -
  • These industrial membrane elements come with a hard-shell exterior and are recommended for RO systems with multiple element housings containing three or more membranes, as they are designed to withstand higher-pressure drops.